Saturday, 22 November 2014

Inspired by IKEA

VINTERMYS Hanging decoration IKEA Easy to hang up since it comes with string already attached.

Have you seen these birdhouses at IKEA?
Look cute enough here, but way too big & heavy in real life. Not sure where you are supposed to hang them, but surely not on a Christmas tree - it would bend the branch right down!
But I do like the idea, so I decided to make a knock off version out of cardstock:

Trouble was, I found I couldn't stop at just one! I had to see what they looked like with other colours or different roofs (side note - I always thought the plural of roof was rooves; turns out it isn't), so I made some more. Now I see them enlarged on the screen, I also want to try out stars & hearts as entry-ways. Can you guess what my friends will be getting for Christmas this year?

Here is my template for you to use:


  1. Lovely! Thanks for the template, Jo x

  2. I really appreciate the template, thank you!
    Your birdhouses are so sweet!!
    Greetings from The Netherlands,


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