Saturday, 28 February 2015

Give a man a fish....

Fonts : Zag Bold, Angelina, Worstveld Sling Extra
Dies: Geometric Style II (CB), Tiny Hearts (SSS)
I needed a card for my b-i-l, a very keen fisherman.  The pun is not my own, but the design is. This is a sentiment that both my sister & I both endorse whole-heartedly! If you google "give a man a fish", there are many, many punchlines. 
I also looked for simple fishing rod pictures, which showed the narrowing diameter of the rod. I achieved the same effect with decreasing sizes of font.  I sketched the rod & line in Silhouette Studio & then dragged the text so it would follow the path of the lines.  The fish body is a bite out of a small circle, with the heart for the tail.

I am submitting this to LiM’s “this makes me happy!” challenge for 2 reasons. I love fiddle-faddling on the computer trying to bend it to my will, & I find it extremely satisfying when an idea works out as planned.  Also it is a good male card, something that I don’t think I am alone in struggling with!

Also entering for SSS Anything Goes.

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