Wednesday, 18 July 2012

OLW97 ~ Line Up

Stamps: Nordic Winter (Waltzing Mouse)
Ink: Rhubarb Stalk, Pear Tart (Memento)
I think there might be one stripe too many on this card, either that or it's all too high up.  Generally pleased with though, & it's not too arduous to make in quantity for the festive season.

I've had this set a while now, but I think this is the first time it has seen ink!  Good job  my husband doesn't read this blog...

The fair isle stripe stamp is over 6" long & I had real trouble lining it up to be straight on the block.  All tips gratefully received.  Luckily the portion I used is quite short, so it's not too wonky. 

Thanks for all the tips, combining them has given me the answer.  Place the thin strip stamp side down on the work top next to wider long stamp.  Push the wide stamp hard against the narrow stamp to make it straight.  Place the gridded block on top of BOTH to check the lines are straight, then peel the wider stamp off.  Gave a much better result!

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  1. I've just found my way to your blog from the CASology blog. I love your cards and I'm now a follower!
    Kath x

  2. What a great idea for a Christmas card. The fairisle looks like strips of ribbon. My only suggestion for lining up the stamp is a gridded acrylic block. I just bought one and used it for my line up cards this week.

  3. Ooh - good one! I just woke up, so I have to give this one some thought.
    If I'm trying to line up a long clear stamp on the block, I lay it face down on my stamping surface and it usually straightens itself out. Then I lay the acrylic block down on top of the stamp. Doesn't work as well if the stamp is really thin, but I think it might work for this one.

  4. This is lovely, Jenny. I like the fact that the stripes aren't dead straight. It does look like ribbon, and when did ribbon ever lie straight? I do the same as Ardyth, lie the stamp face down. It's usually straighter than trying to line it up on the block. How about adding three extra stripes under the sentiment if you wanted to re-balance it?

  5. I'm with Ardyth on this one, but still doesn't always work. I also agree with Shirley, they look great the way they are. Fun idea for a Christmas card.

  6. This reminds me of beautiful Nordic sweater! I love it just the way it is! I'd be no help with lining it up. I think I must be the queen of crooked!

  7. This is awesome! LOVE the colors you chose and the pattern is perfect for a holiday card!!! I hope to see you join in the fun at Technique Tuesday and 52 {Christmas} Card Throwdown as well--I'd love to see your creation for this month's challenge! :)

  8. I have a gridded acrylic block that is 6 inches long, and I use Ardyth's technique. STILL I can't get a straight line when the image is thin like your Nordic and the stamp is made of polymer. So I buy wood block rubber stamps whenever possible. Even getting a straight Happy Birthday is a trial with the polymer stamps. Often they are not cut straight by the manufacturer.

    Still, love your card and the clever idea of using the Nordic pattern for Christmas.


  9. This is a great stamp. It's never too early to start Christmas cards!

  10. Saw your card in the OLW97 gallery. Very nice. I like the textile-looking stamp. Reminds me of winter mittens and sweaters. :)

  11. Love this card. Great Stamping:)

  12. An absolutely perfect Christmas card! So pretty!


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