Thursday, 2 August 2012


I made a happy discovery during my meanderings through blogland this morning.  It allows you to fill shapes with the text of your choice & then save the result as a .jpg or .png file.  How great is that?  Well maybe not that great for normal people but for a font/graphic geek such as myself it's fantastic!

I've had a little play & managed to customise colours & add words to fill, but there are plenty more ideas I want to explore yet.  I'm thinking of doing the children's names, filled with adjectives of their choice, as pictures for their bedrooms, as well as the simple birthday cards as shown above.

If you have a play, let me know what you think.  What will you try?


  1. So. Cool. Going to try it later for my almost 8 year old nephew, Andy!

  2. I love that idea! Thanks for sharing, and your card is wonderful!

  3. BRILLIANT cards, love it, must take a visit, I love searching for ideas like this too.


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