Friday, 20 April 2012

How many uses for a cat food box?

We have an elderly cat who is eating us out of house & home.  He is constantly crying for food.  We get through about 6 pouches a day.  That's more than 3 boxes a week.
Ergo, we have a lot of cat food boxes in the recycling.  Always.  So I have begun to appropriate them for my crafting.  It started when I needed a small box to display my cards for sale, but it seems their uses are endless.
Today's CFB (cat food box) was transformed from this:

to this:

a handy box for all my adhesives, sticky pads etc.
The exterior is wrapped in my favourite Kraft paper.  It takes a long piece to get all the way round, so wrapping paper is best.  Inside, I made simple panels using cereal box card & covered them in gingham paper downloaded from Activity Village.  Getting the panels to fit is quite time consuming & involves a bit of trial & error, but it does become easier with practise.  A simple band of gingham & a co-ordinating label ties it all together.

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  1. This deserves a BIG KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS FOR THE INSPIRATION.


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