Friday, 27 April 2012

More desk-top storage

How to turn a smoothie box into something pretty & useful.

I needed some storage for my small Papertrey Ink stamp collection, so had a quick rummage through the recycling box.  This smoothie box was just the right size to fit a few cd cases in.

To begin with, draw an angled line on one side of the box.

Then carefully undo the box so it lies flat.  This line will be one edge of the finished item, so cut as straight as possible.  I used a guillotine.  Keep the piece you cut off & use this as a template for the diagonal cut on the other side.

When both diagonals have been cut, re-assemble the box.  The front & back ends will be a bit uneven & need a little more work before the box can be covered.
First, measure the width of the box. Cut a strip of card (cereal box is ideal) to that width, & mark off the height needed at the back. Cut to size & repeat at the front. Stick these well to the outside of the box. This gives strength as well as neat edges.

Inside the box, there will be a difference in the number of cardboard layers, which could lead to problems when lining. This is easily rectified by cutting pieces from the discarded box top & sticking them in the right places inside the front & back.

Now cut pieces of card to fit the 4 inside faces, using the box itself as a template. It is best to cut something slightly larger & gradually trim tiny amounts off until it is a snug fit. If you cut off too much, there will be gaps in the lining.

In addition to the 4 pieces shown, you will also need a bottom piece. These can now be covered in the paper of your choice.
A little care may be needed when lining up the patter. The paper I chose for the lining has a grid pattern on it, so I had to make sure that all my pieces were in line with the grid before cutting.

This box is relatively small & can be covered by 2 pieces of A4 paper. By using a design that is easy to match up & you can make 1 long piece by sticking the 2 together at an appropriate place in the pattern.

Use this to cover the outside of the box, ensuring that there are no joins on the front of the box.  Having folded this down over each edge & stuck down the folds, stick in the previously covered lining pieces. 

I find that double-side tape is best for covering the all the cardboard, or a glue stick.  I think wet glue may wrinkle the paper & would take too long to dry.

Ta daah!

Paper used is from a digital pack by Crystal Wilkerson, Orange Soda, a HUGE collection of patterns currently only $1.  There is a luscious range of colours & I have succumbed to more than one!

Hope this makes sense.  If you have any questions, leave a comment & I'll try to help if i can.

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