Monday, 21 May 2012

Invitations for a Christmas wedding

This week I have been helping a friend with wedding invitations for a relative.

We had 50 to make, so had to keep the design simple to put together, but at the same time needed to meet the brief of Christmas colours.

First step was to look & see what tools / materials we already had that we might be able to use.  Then we did a mock up on the computer using Silhouette Studio, to get an idea of proportions.

We worked out the sizes needed for the embellishments on an A6 base, & positioned the writing to suit.  It was easy then to print out the front of the invitations, 2 to an A4 sheet, on ivory linen card from Paper Mill Direct.

The wording inside was done in MS Publisher, font is Worstveld Sling Extra Oblique.

A simple pocket was created to contain the wedding list details & venue addresses.  This was far & away the most time consuming part of the whole exercise.  I used a template to mark the ends of the slots (but this didn't occur to me until some time in... doh!), & a 1/16" hole punch.  Using a hole at each end reduces the risk of the slots tearing when the paper is inserted.  The slots were then cut with a sharp knife & ruler.

Finally ready to embellish.  The heart design is a download from the Silhouette store, sized to fit an existing punch.  The postage stamp shape is a cuttlebug die.  The mock ribbon was cut into strips, notched & then embossed with swirls. The square is mounted over the ribbon on 2mm foam pads.


  1. These are so elegant! What a great design to make multiples of.... did you say 50?


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