Thursday, 10 May 2012

Rainbow notebook

Today started as a NON-mojo day.  It had gone into hiding.  Not behind the sofa.  Not under the bed.  Then it snuck up on me & said 'boo' while I was putting the shopping away.
I am SO chuffed with the way this turned out.  This notebook was made using 1 cereal packet, 12 pieces of computer paper & an A4 piece of my favourite kraft wrapping paper.  I have made a few notebooks in the past, but this is the best to date.
The note pages are simply 48 A6 pieces of computer with PVA glue along the spine.  The covers are made from 3 layers of cereal box.  The notes design was created in Silhouette Studio, but MS Publisher or Word would do just as well.  It's pure luck that the words fit perfectly on the available space - don't you just love it when that happens! 
I adhered the wrapping paper to an A4 piece of card to get it to go through the printer, as it was trying to roll up.


 It's hard to see from the first picture, but there is a piece of beading elastic fitted over the front to keep it closed.  This is held in place with the eyelets you can see in the back.  Not pictured is the inside of the cover, which is matted with the same purple as the spine, to hide the folded over edges of the kraft paper.

Love it love it love it.  Think I'll make a few more to sell at the school summer fair.

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